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Consignment Sales

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Sell Your RV, Boat or Vehicle on Consignment

Do you have an RV, Boat or other vehicle or equipment that you would like help to sell? Contact us about placing your property on our sales lot on consignment. Alabama RV and Storage, LLC, has a massive sales lot in the front of our main office on Highway 231, and our inventory is visible to approximately 30,000 drivers that pass by our facility every day. Store your equipment on our lot and let us promote and advertise your item as up for sale.

Why Sell on Consignment at Alabama RV & Storage?

Consignment Sales

Allowing us to help you sell your RV, boat or other equipment definitely has its advantages. Forget about paying for advertising in local papers, going through the hassle of meeting potential buyers and negotiating the deal. We have sold RVs for more than two decades and have the experience to help negotiate a sale for close to your top dollar asking price. If we are able to sell your RV or boat for more than your top dollar asking price, we collect the excess amount as a commission. If your RV or boat does not sell, simply pay a small storage fee for the time we keep your equipment on the lot.

Other Consignment Services We Offer

Not only do we introduce our walk-in customers to your RV or boat for sale on our sales lot, but we also actively advertise on the Internet and locally at no extra charge. We are confident that we can work out a deal that satisfies both you, your buyer and our going rate for promoting and selling your equipment. To request more information or a quote, please contact us.

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